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Ultra-high Vacuum Chambers and Equipment

Discover the Best Equipment for Your High Vacuum Needs

Vacuum Systems

Vacuum Chamber.png

Customized Vacuum Chambers

E-Gun Chambers

Electron Beam Dumps

Vacuum Systems

Bombing Chambers

Test Chambers

Aluminum Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum Traps

Vacuum Furnaces

Vacuum Equipment

vacuum fitting.png

ConFlat® (CF) UHV Flange

ConFlat® (CF) UHV Components

KF (QF) HV Flanges & Components

ISO HV Flanges & Components

Bellows, Tubing, & Weld Fittings

Vacuum Viewports & Shutters

Elastomer O-Rings

Electrical Feedthroughs

Mechanical Feedthroughs

Custom Systems

Electron Beam Dump.png

Electron Beam Dumps

Thin Film Vacuum Furnace

IR Dewar

Liquid Nitrojen Cooler

3-D Design

Automation & Control

Sputtering Target

Evaporation Materials

Semiconductor Wafer

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